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In line with the Group's mission to distribute all forms of entertainment through all channels, Intertainment Limited was created in 2000 to sell and promote the Group's products through the Internet. To this end, one of Intertainment's primary projects is the development of, a website which serves as an all-in-one movie database and a source of infotainment and e-commerce, while at the same time offering an online purchasing service for tickets to MCL cinemas in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Launch of iScreen - video on demand (VOD) platform

iScreen is a one-stop video on demand (VOD) platform for all movie lovers and film fans who can select and watch video content when and where they choose to. Users can use computer to login to or download free iScreen app to their personal device(s) to enjoy our services. At present, iScreen member can enjoy exclusive privileges including Video Streaming / Video download for pay-per-view and free content on multi-devices such as Web / iPhone / Android phone. Later, Video Streaming on Smart TV, the services of Subscription (SVOD) and Free Video on demand with Advertising will be also launched.

MovieSuper is the most comprehensive foreign and Chinese filmed entertainment website in Hong Kong. It combines on-line entertainment information and e-commerce in a comprehensive site that provides one-stop services for all filmed entertainment needs. In addition to regular news updates directly from Hollywood, users can browse the site to enjoy a variety of editorial features, including movie reviews and other articles of interest.

Through the offer of various features and benefits, MovieSuper aims to build and retain a core community of loyal moviegoers and cinema buffs. The site's extensive database also provides a comprehensive archive of movie information for users with an in-depth interest in cinemas and movies past and present.

The web site also includes its own e-shopping section with a huge collection of newly-released as well as fan-favorite DVDs and BDs, together with reasonably priced delivery or free self-pickup service at various MCL cinema sites.

Online Ticketing Service

As part of its objective to provide a one-stop service, Intertainment Limited in collaboration with its sister company MCL, has launched a state-of-the-art on-line cinema ticketing service, called Boasting one of the most advanced and easy-to-use on-line cinema ticketing systems, lets users purchase reserved-seat cinema tickets via the Internet. With, booking tickets is as easy as a click of the mouse.

Future Expansion

Using the continual improvements to broadband and streaming technologies, MovieSuper serves to provide and sell various goods and services over the Internet. These include games, comic books and film-related souvenirs. In the future, MovieSuper plans to extend its services to mobile devices so that customers can enjoy their entertainment anytime and anywhere. Taking advantage of the growing business from other companies within the Group, like Intercontinental Video Limited, in acquiring and distributing new brands of major Chinese video libraries, MovieSuper has gradually evolved to become a major platform for a huge portfolio of Chinese film library video products and information. And as online shopping becomes more popular, MovieSuper will be in a strong position to become an effective e-commerce platform bridging the Group to its consumers everywhere in the world.