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Multiplex Cinema Limited (MCL) was formed in 1982 to provide local audience with the best movie-going experience. MCL Cinemas currently manages 9 prime cinema sites in Hong Kong: 2 on the Kowloon Peninsula, namely the Flagship Cinema, Festival Grand Cinema, in Kowloon Tong and MCL Telford Cinema in Kowloon Bay; 3 on the Island side, which include Grand Windsor Cinema in Causeway Bay, MCL South Horizons Cinema in Ap Lei Chau and Grand Kornhill Cinema in Tai Koo; and 4 in the New Territories, including MCL Metro City Cinema, STAR Cinema in Tseung Kwan O, MCL Green Code Cinema in Fanling and Movie Town – New Town Plaza in Sha Tin. Together with The Grand Cinema in Elements at MTR Kowloon Station (under a partnership with the Shaw Group), MCL Cinemas has altogether 10 cinemas and 60 screens in Hong Kong.

MCL Cinemas is always ahead of the curve, striving to provide Hong Kong audience with unprecedented cinema experience. MCL Cinemas is the first cinema circuit to introduce the Samsung’s 4K LED  screen, “ Onyx Cinema LED”, “RealD Cinema”, “Boothless Projection” design, digital projection system and 3D cinema house in Hong Kong, continuously enhancing its audiovisual equipment in cinemas.

In April 2017, Grand Kornhill Cinema became the first cinema in Hong Kong to bring in the exclusive MX4D technology from the US, featuring diverse motion effects that synchronize with actions on screen. Following the success in Grand Kornhill Cinema, MCL Telford Cinema and Movie Town introduced the MX4D Motion Theater in 2017 and 2018 respectively. The cinemas also set up a brand-new House FX Theater, which combines 4K projection technology, Dolby® Atmos™ Surround Sound System and ButtKicker seat vibration system to provide an enjoyable all-rounded cinema experience. 

Apart from movie exhibition, MCL Cinemas is the first cinema bringing alternative entertainment programs to the market, for example, “Fukuyama Fuyu No Dai Kanshasai Sono 16 Live Viewing”, “L'Arc-en-Ciel 25th L'Anniversary Live Viewing” and “Yoshiki Classical Special Live Viewing” etc. for pop music fans. 
In addition to pop music shows, MCL Cinemas is also committed to promote the Japanese pop and anime culture in Hong Kong and has been organizing 6 J-toons Festivals since 2009. These programs are all very well-received by a wide range of audience.

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MOVIE TOWN is the largest cinema in the New Territories, with more than 1,700 seats in 7 houses. The cinema has introduced the latest revolutionary cinema technologies to the town, including the HK’s first Samsung “Onyx Cinema LED” and RealD Cinema, plus the exclusive MX4D motion theatre in HK and House FX. MOVIE TOWN will continue to bring diverse movie programs and international dining options to let every cinephile enjoy the greatest movie moment with their loved ones.


FESTIVAL GRAND CINEMA, is currently the flagship cinema of MCL, the design displays an Avant-Garde style which is grand yet stunningly unique, combining new and innovative designs with practical design thinking to bring liveliness and trendiness. FESTIVAL GRAND CINEMA includes a total of 7 houses and 1 VIP suite which aim to provide audience with the most exclusive visual and audio experience. All 7 houses are equipped with a total of 1,196 theater seating style seats, along with high quality audio and visual equipment including 4K Projection System, 3D Digital Projection System and Dolby’s 7.1 Digital Surround Sound System. The biggest house is finely equipped with Dolby® Atmos™ Surround Sound Technology, providing audience the experience of total movie immersion with its dynamic surround sound effect. FESTIVAL GRAND CINEMA’s suite, with 18 luxurious wide seats, is installed with the newly introduced “Boothless Technology” systems and professional Hi-Fi grade speakers by Bowers & Wilkins. Along with the high resolution display of the projection system, the BEA Festival suite provides movie enthusiasts and audiophiles with a luxurious and comfortable home theatre viewing experience.


Located at the top of Taikoo MTR Station, GRAND KORNHILL CINEMA has 5 houses offering audience a wide range of movie selection including 3D releases. A family oriented cinema, it offers screenings which are suitable for office executives, students and family audiences who live in  the neighborhood area. The cinema can be easily accessed by all types of public transport and free car parking promotion is available at the same time, making it one of the most frequently visited cinemas in the Eastern district on the Hong Kong island.


Located inside the Windsor House, Causeway Bay, GRAND WINDSOR CINEMA is of high accessibility with close proximity to the Causeway Bay MTR station. As the first “Grand” Cinema under MCL, a total of 3 houses are provided with an adoption of innovated, modern yet simple design, making it one of the best cinema choice in Causeway Bay.


STAR CINEMA is located at the shopping mall “PopCorn” at Tseung Kwan O MTR Station. It is built with many new architectural features and unique design. One of the design highlights of STAR CINEMA is the “Vortex” at the foyer ceiling. Through the application of materials with different colors and textures, the ceiling creates an illusive feeling to audience as if they are traveling in time from one space to another. There are altogether 6 houses with a total of 622 seats. All houses are equipped with the state-of-art “Infrasonic Sound System”. Some of them are connected to the Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 audio set up and with the support of a specially-designed seat, audience can actually feel the vibrations while watching movies as if they are in the real scene. Other unique features of STAR CINEMA include QR code ticket admission service and a flexible queuing system. It is the first time these features are used in a cinema for better customer service and convenience.


Expanded over an area of 45,000 square feet, the 7 houses MCL METRO CITY CINEMA features the latest audio visual technology, including the most advanced 3D capabilities, providing audience with a dynamic viewing experience. The design is innovative and contemporary, with refreshing hues of green and pink as well as a unique spiral staircase that connects the shopping mall with the cinema lobby, marking this as the newest entertainment hub in East Kowloon with its individuality.

On the ground level adjacent to the cinema lies the MCL Tsui Wah Restaurant which brings a wide range of local Hong Kong all-time favorite food to the cinema-goers. It is the first joint-partnership between MCL and Tsui Wah Restaurant group and it has been well-received by all since its opening.


Located at the heart of Kowloon Bay, MCL TELFORD CINEMA has a total of 6 houses. The innovative concept of mixed colour crystal stones gives a sense of excitement and fascination. MCL TELFORD CINEMA has won three prestigious design awards – Gold Award in The Ring, iC@ward International Interior Design 2009 (Commercial Category), the International Architecture Award 2009 organized by The Chicago Athenaeum, USA and the Gold Award in the 17th Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards (Club & Entertainment Space Category), marking it the most successfully designed cinema in Hong Kong with wide recognition.  In addition, each cinema house is designed to include spacious leg room and is equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment such as MX4D technology, 4K projection and 3D digital projectors.


Adopting a “Booth-less Projection” design to reduce the required floor area for the cinema premises, MCL SOUTH HORIZONS CINEMA is the first cinema in Hong Kong that sets a precedent for future cinema development.  Located at Ap Lei Chau and next to the South Horizons MTR Station, the cinema has 3 houses with a total of 555 seats that adopts the design of theatre stairs, implementing an unimpaired sightline along with spacious leg room, providing audience with comfortable seating. Each house is equipped with the latest 3-D digital projection system and Dolby 7.1 surround-sound audio setup to provide audience with diversified and high quality audio-visual enjoyment.


MCL GREEN CODE CINEMA– FANLING is the first MCL Cinema located in North District of the New Territories. There are altogether 3 houses. All houses adopt “Boothless Projection” system and theatre stairs seats design, breaking through the traditional cinema concept of space.  Besides 2D and 3D digital projection system, the cinema is also equipped with Dolby 7.1 surround-sound audio setup to provide audience with high quality audio-visual enjoyment. MCL GREEN CODE CINEMA– FANLING adopts simple linear design, creating comfortable environment and sense of spaciousness with simple lines and warm lighting. The cinema is also equipped with self-service ticketing kiosk and QR code ticket admission service, providing more efficient and convenient services for audience.


Located at Elements above the MTR Kowloon Station, THE GRAND CINEMA features 12 world-class houses with a seating capacity of 1,600 and is installed with the state-of-the-art “Infrasonic Sound System”. which provides audience a total movie experience of vision, sound and senses. Recently, the cinema has also installed the powerful “Dolby Atmos” sound system in one of the houses and has become the first cinema in HK to introduce this new feature in the exhibition market. At The Grand, audience can enjoy a total entertainment experience with special features like Cafe, Restaurant, Exhibition Gallery and Souvenir Shop.